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Health and Safety is a core service area that can be integrated with our environmental and quality service offerings. We provide both basic and advanced Integrated System Development, Risk Assessment Studies, Compliance Assistance, Training, Investigation and Audit Services.  

Our H/S Services Include:

  Internal and External Safety Management System Audits

  Risk Assesment Studies:
                -Task/Job Hazard Assessments
                -Critical Task Assessments
                -Blended Task/Hazop Studies
                -Design/Product Safety Reviews
                -Emergency Situation Risk Reviews

  Basic Safety Management System Development:
                -Work Instructions

  Emergency Response Plans

  Inspection Programs

  Accident/Incident/Loss Management Programs

  Safety Management System Training

  Occupational Health Programs

  WCB/Disability Management

  Contractor Evaluation and Management Programs

  Regulatory and Compliance Assistance:
                -Stop Work Orders

The Management of Environmental Systems is also an integral part of our core services. We provide EMS 14001 Program Development, Risk Assessment Studies, 14001 Internal Audits / Gap Analysis, and Compliance Reviews.

Our Environmental Services Include:

  Internal Audits / GAP Analysis ISO 14001

  Environmental Management System Development:
                -Integration with Safety / Quality Systems

  Waste Management Programs

  Compliance Assistance:
                -Regulatory Reviews

  Risk Assessments:
                -Aspect / Impact Studies

Quality Management is a fundamental part of our core service offerings. We offer Practical Program Planning, Development and Evaluation Services that focus on critical business processes such as Design, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Training, and Customer Service.

Our Quality Management Services Include:

  Quality Mangement System Development:
                -13485 (Medical Devices)

  Product Safety Programs:
                -Design Reviews

  Internal Audits / GAP Analysis 9001

  Document and Record Management Systems

  Documentation Development:
                -Work Procedures
                -Work Instructions

  Metrics Programs:
                -Balanced Scorecards

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